All About Tax Relief

ABCs of Tax Resolution

1040 forms-A is for Appeals
forms, 1040, B is for Back Taxes, SFSTax. SFS, Tax Problem Solutions
1040 form- D is for DebtRelief-sfs tax problem solutions
gavel-tax evasion
F is for First Time Penalty Abatement-erasing tax problem- sfs tax problem solutions
Green and beige background with letter tiles spelling out wage garnishment
I is for Innocent/Injured Spouse Relief
Form 656 Booklet Offer in Compromise-Approved
Q is for Qualified Expenses . image if stacked coins with shopping baskt, plane garduation cap on the top of stack.
R is for resolve your tax problems- man and woman smiling
S is for Substitute for Return-image of Form 1040
T is for Trust Fund Recovery Penalty - image of 941
U is for Unrepresented Taxpayers- image of man covered in oaper
V is for Victory- A Tax Settlement- image of an IRS settlement letter
W is for Wage Garnishment-Wage garnishment letter
X is for Xtreme Tax Problems- image of judge
Y is for Yes- You Can Get Your Life Back- image of happy people
hand putting Zip drive into computer

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