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Fixing The CP508C Notice Problem

Howdy, Y’all! Fixing The IRS CP508C Notice Problem. Tax Resolution Slinger Handles Seriously Delinquent Tax Liability. My name is Ali Schneider, and I grew up on Long Island, in the suburbs of New…

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Commitment, Tax Liabilities, and the Babylonians

It's still early in 2023, and not too late to discuss the origin of Owe the IRS money – resolve a tax problem resolutions. So, where did the concept of a new year's resolution come from? The source…

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 Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I should take my own advice!.. Do as I say, not as I do! What you should NOT cheap out on and what to look out for... I should take my own advice! Jeff and I recently enjoyed a pretax season cruise…

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Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit!

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit - The rabbit 🐇 is the luckiest of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. Therefore, you can expect this year to bring prosperity, hope, and calm. While 2022 was a yang…

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Preparation and Tax Season Readiness

Greetings! Preparation and Tax Season Readiness - A few weeks ago, I whined in a newsletter about the preparation it takes before a hurricane. If you still need to read Hurricanes and Tax…

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Gambling And A Bet With My Husband

10/27/2022 - Weekly email – Gambling and a bet with my husband Greetings! Jeff and I were watching TV some months back, and I asked him what time the Yankee game started. He responded, "I'll make you…

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Daydreams and Social Security

10/20/2022 – Weekly letter – Daydreams and Social Security Greetings! Read about My Daydreams and Social Security Yep! I am a cougar. And for those that do not know, I am 4 years, 1 month, and 27…

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It Really Pissed Me Off!

10/13 Weekly letter – It really pissed me off! I am a pretty even-tempered woman. At least, I think so. However, Jeff might disagree. I try not to allow business matters to disturb the calm aura that…

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Hurricanes and Taxpayer Representation

9/29/22 weekly letter Hurricanes and Taxpayer Representation, Hurry Up and Wait! Greetings, I am by nature an impatient person and seek immediate gratification, as are folks that are in need of tax…

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Learning vs. Searching and a Tax Notice

09/22/2022- Weekly newsletter – Learning vs. searching and a tax notice Greetings! Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google? And (for Gen Z) Tik Tok is giving…

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Can’t sleep? Read the IRS tax code.

9/15/22- Weekly letter – Can't sleep? Read the IRS tax code. Greetings! I am an insomniac and have been for many, many years. Over the years, I have tried warm milk, tryptophane, sleeping pills,…

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Shopping Made Easy!!

9/1/22 - weekly letter – Shopping Made Easy!! And The IRS Can Be Intimidating. Greeting! My mother-in-law was wonderful. I only met her briefly when Jeff took me to New York for his High School…

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