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Let’s not be political here!

Greetings, 8/11 Weekly Newsletter – Let's not be political here! "Just the facts, Ma'am." Many editorials have been written since the Schumer- Manchin pact passed in the Senate. And numerous…

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Glad I am self-employed!

8/4 - Weekly email Greetings, Glad I am self-employed with written policies and procedures.! It has been a week since I injured my right wrist and arm, and I am pleased to say that typing with two…

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Time Waits For No Man or Woman!

How frustrating! I think we are all on the same page regarding the lack of professionalism that many contractors show when we schedule them to come to our home or office and don't show up on time,…

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How Many Hats Do You Wear?

Greetings, How many hats do you wear? I wear the wife hat, the mom hat, the daughter hat, the Nanny hat, the family hat (cousins, sister, father, etc.), the businesswoman hat, the networker hat, the…

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Confessions of a Procrastinator

Confessions of a Procrastinator Jeff and I have been married for 22 years, and I am proud to say, my husband, Jeffrey Schneider, EA, CTRS, ACT-E, continues to impress me. I am often in awe of his…

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How Did I Get This Old?

Greetings! Today I am genuinely feeling my age. Jeff and I spent considerable time analyzing the benefits of taking social security at 65, 67, and 70, as I am happy to say that I have longevity in…

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The Unknown Can Be Scary!

Greetings! Especially to those of us of a certain age (that age I will not reveal), we tend to be resistant to change. However, when the pandemic shut down life as we knew it, we had to learn to…

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The Tax Bomb!

Greetings! I'm putting my mom hat on today to rant. Did you know that canceled student loan debt is taxable as of this date? In general, if you have a cancellation of debt income because your debt…

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Here’s a quick update from us

January 2021 Introducing the The Tax Relief Company The Tax Relief Company is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses resolve their tax problems once and for all. The wave of IRS…

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