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Y is for Yes, You Can Get Your Life Back

Owing the IRS or state money can be a troubling time in your life. 

You may feel that your life is not your own, and the only thing you can be sure of is finding another notice from the IRS in your mailbox.

We received this letter from an individual struggling with multiple tax problems who needed our help. I am redacting his name for privacy. As you read the letter, you can feel the pain and struggle. You can feel the family’s desperation. However, they are serious when you break the tax problems down into their parts, business, and individual tax liabilities.

Dear Mr. Schneider,

I found your company on Google and read your reviews. Then, I called and left a message. Thank you in advance for returning my call. I called a few other companies that didn’t respond.

My name is Andy Carpenter, and I own a local restaurant. I have struggled greatly during the pandemic and am barely making ends meet. We are about to call it quits. We have been paying the staff but have not paid our payroll taxes for the last six quarters.

Additionally, we owe our purveyors a considerable amount of money. They have been understanding, but they are now demanding payment. We are months behind in rent, and the landlord also requires payment.

We have received notices at home and the restaurant for failing to file our business and personal tax returns. As a result, we are behind about four years of personal and three for the company.

My wife is a homemaker taking care of our two young kids. She is aware of the situation and has been very kind, but she is afraid as the notices pour in.

We have been unable to make our mortgage payments and are afraid of losing our house. And our credit cards are maxed out are our savings. So, I don’t know where to turn or get money to pay our tax debt.

We don’t know what to do and how to proceed. We don’t have money to pay the IRS. And don’t know what to do. And need to see if I should declare bankruptcy? We need help. Please call or email me so we can set a time to talk.

We need help getting the IRS off our backs and returning to a stress-free life.

I handle problems like this daily, know the IRS handbook inside out, and know that I can get this family a fair and just settlement they can live with. After all, who doesn’t want to sleep soundly at night and not worry about the federal and state contacting them? Isn’t getting peace of mind worth everything?

Jeffrey Schneider, EA, CTRS, ACT-E, has over 40 years of experience assisting taxpayers that find themselves with tax complications. 

If you owe more than 10K, contact us today to set up a free strategy session, during which we can assess your tax situation and determine how we can help you eliminate your tax nightmare.

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