Get The Help You Need To Release Wage Levies

The IRS wage garnishment is one of the most concerning for taxpayers.

When an IRS wage garnishment is filed, they contact your employer. Your employer must deduct anywhere from 30% to 70% of your net pay from your paycheck and send the IRS the money. The financial strain this can cause, you are also faced with the embarrassment of your employer knowing about it. Even worse, you may be disqualified from being employed in sensitive positions or those involving money in some companies due to a tax lien.

The wage garnishment will be in place until the IRS is paid in full or until the IRS agrees to release or modify the garnishment.

If you are being threatened with an IRS lien or seizure or wage garnishment, the best approach is to hire an Enrolled Agent and have them file an IRS Collection Appeal on your behalf.

Don’t Go It Alone! You can do more harm than good.

Would you represent yourself or hire an attorney if you were in trouble with the law? It’s the same principle here. Going it alone can cost you more money than hiring a professional.

The good news is that you do not have to hire an expensive attorney. Instead, the IRS certifies a certain number of trained “Enrolled Agents” that can represent you properly and can deal with the IRS directly on your behalf.

Don’t let a tax problem ruin your life. Call us today and get the relief you’re looking for.