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X is for Xtreme Tax Problems

X is for Xtreme Tax Problems.

Strictly speaking, all tax problems are challenging.

However, some are far more serious than others.

Take tax fraud, for example.

There are various sorts of fraud; all come with penalties. Without an experienced tax specialist’s assistance, it’s easy for a minor matter to escalate into a significant tax problem if it is not handled correctly. As you know, the IRS treats filing a false tax return seriously. If an investigation turns up incriminating results, the cases can be referred for criminal tax investigation with possible arrests and tax-related criminal charges following.

The Internal Revenue Service takes tax evasion and fraud very seriously, imposing stringent fines and possible prison sentences for those who consciously avoid paying their tax liabilities.

According to the statute, tax fraud and tax evasion are very similar. However, tax evasion is a more severe and specific charge under the tax fraud umbrella. In other words, tax evasion is a more severe form of tax fraud. The burden of proof for tax evasion and the penalties are higher.

Tax fraud effectively involves cheating on a tax return to avoid paying the entire tax debt. Tax fraud includes claiming false deductions, claiming personal expenses as business expenses, using a wrong Social Security number, and not reporting income.

Xtreme Tax Problems

Federal tax evasion is the most severe tax fraud charge. Under Internal Revenue Code § 7201, individuals may face federal tax evasion charges if they willfully try to evade or defeat the federal income tax. Tax evasion is a felony. It is the most serious of crimes. The maximum prison sentence is typically five years; the maximum fine is $100,000.

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