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"I have used [The Tax Relief Company] for many years now, and have found them to be reliable and always responsive to any questions I have had. They are always top-notch, friendly as well as professional and I would recommend them to any individual or business.”

Jordan Zandstein

Doug Robertson

“Make your wife happy when it comes to taxes?”

Kevin Lindstadt

“Dealing with the IRS on Your Own Can Be a Nightmare”


“Can tax solutions feel like a life saver?”

Chip Wilkinson


“After several years of dealing with my wife’s illness, I began receiving letters from the IRS and they filed two liens. I contacted the national firms. Their quotes were like an al-a-carte menu. (extra for this, extra for that, etc..) By the time they finished, I might still owe the tax, plus, paid them about half of what I owed in fess. I attempted to solve the problem myself. Big mistake! I began researching local firms (accountants and tax attorneys). I finally decided to hire Jeff. He is a small firm, local and we could meet face to face.

Jeff was honest, explained the options and made no promises other than “He would do his best to resolve my issues”. I went with an Offer in Compromise in July 2014 which was accepted March 2015.

I feel like I have my life back thanks to Jeff.”

Marcia & Aldo Zuta


“Jeffrey Schneider and his staff have saved our lives. We are now breathing easy and sleeping well. He did a great job for us in regards to our tax issue. Has also helped us to understand the system better and we are on the road to a better future. They are the best!!”

Cejay Churchwell


“The team at The Tax Relief Company are incredibly knowledgeable and have the expertise that you need to resolve your tax troubles. I highly recommend this firm.”

Bob & Jillian Zalewski


“Jeff and his team helped us resolve a complex issue with the IRS. We continue to use SFS for all of our business and personal tax needs. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”

Richard and Tammy Schaefer


“Through a series of unfortunate events, my husband and I found ourselves behind two years in filing and paying our federal income taxes. The shame was overwhelming. Someone gave me Jeffrey Schneider’s name.

They set up an appointment without delay and Jeffrey had a professional yet calming manner. He took the time to listen without shaming and answered every question before giving us advice on the best way to proceed.

The portal made things a breeze when we were out of town so we could send him information safely and securely. He processed our return quickly, thoroughly and saved us money which more than paid for his services.

He set up a payment plan with the IRS and made the whole thing much less stressful than we could ever imagine.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs help with anything related to taxes.”

Michael Trosken


“I became a client in March of 2018 and working with Jeff was very good. The staff was always professional and helpful experience. They removed the worry and stress I had about my tax problem and the final resolution allowed me to sleep at night.”

Jack Harrel


“Jeff Schneider was the professional we needed. He has a wealth of experience and understands both the letter of the law and the practicalities of dealing with the IRS. In our case, Jeff very successfully resolved the conflict our business had with the IRS. Jeff is extraordinarily detailed and constantly followed-through with us.

If you have a business or personal issue with the IRS, I’d strongly recommend Jeff Schneider and his team.”

Elena Whitby


“Jeffrey Schneider is fabulous. He has saved me from the IRS for years! I owed the IRS a great deal of money, but Jeffrey was able to negotiate an affordable payment plan for me. And every year he has gotten me a refund, thus reducing my IRS fine. With Jeffrey’s expertise and knowledge, I should be able to end my nightmare with the IRS this year! Thank you Jeffrey, Ali and your entire staff for making this journey less stressful and less financially burdening! You’re the greatest.”

Doug Robertson


“Jeff does a really amazing job on complex problems. I’d say anybody who has a substantial tax problem or liability that they’ve got to deal with, he can do an excellent job!”

Kenneth Mullinax, CPA, EA, CTRS


“Jeff is the best there is. If he can’t help you, nobody can.”

Leo M. Tuscan & Accountants


“Jeffrey at SFS Tax Problem Solutions is the go to guy to have your tax problem solved.”

Iris And Kevin Lindstadt


“The tax professionals at SFS came recommended when we needed expertise in our dealings with the IRS. Initially, everything they told us had a sting accompanied with it, but was all for the best. In telling friends about our experience with SFS I always said Jeff should have been a doctor, his no nonsense approach is refreshing in an industry we’re adds promise you the world and deliver a questionable product. The SFS crew has provided the highest quality of tax preparation and mediation with the IRS, on our behalf for 3 years now, with both personal and business taxes. They are adept with our changing needs from other states and we would highly recommend them to anyone, regardless of your tax needs.”

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