Let Us Help Stop IRS Tax Liens

If the IRS Files a tax lien against you, it can be an absolute nightmare. But, on the other hand, it can affect your life.

If your receiving letters from the IRS for collections, call us today, and we can file an IRS Collection Appeal to stop a lien, levy, or even a seizure. The IRS is determined to collect the debt. Please make no mistake about it. If you have received a collection notice, acting quickly is very important. The IRS has the power to make bad things happen without further notice.

If You Already Have A Levy against Your Assets

Since tax liens are a matter of public record that tells everyone that you owe the IRS, you may find it difficult to obtain credit for a new purchase. In addition, since tax liens are public record, they will show on your credit report.

It can also make it impossible to sell your home or transfer ownership because the Lien or Levy prevents you from getting a clear title for the property. An unfortunate consequence of a tax levy or lien on your home makes it very difficult for you to refinance, get a home equity loan, or open a home equity line of credit to pay off the IRS debt. Fortunately, a qualified professional like an Enrolled Agent may be able to negotiate a certificate of discharge, or a certificate of subordination, to help you use your home equity to clear the debt. We can also negotiate a release or removal of the lien when the appropriate conditions have been met. Please call us today if you have a Lien or Levy against you.