Owe Payroll Taxes? Here’s What to Do.

Are you a small business owner that owes payroll taxes? Here’s what to do. The IRS takes unpaid payroll taxes seriously. These are some of the worst kinds of back taxes you can owe. If you’re a small…


M is for Marriage

M is for Marriage - This story is about a married couple, Mary and Paul. Mary kept asking her husband these questions, hoping he would finally have an answer. "How did you get us into this financial…

Haven’t Filed Taxes in a While?

How long has it been? 3 years? More? 10? Some people have never filed taxes. Why not? 

Uncle Sam holding file folder for tax audit

How to Avoid Being Audited

No one wants to pay more income taxes than required, but be careful when preparing your taxes. Attempting to cut your tax liability by getting into IRS grey areas can cause you problems later. You…