It Really Pissed Me Off!

10/13 Weekly letter – It really pissed me off!

Pissed Off but laughing. CirclI am a pretty even-tempered woman. At least, I think so. However, Jeff might disagree. I try not to allow business matters to disturb the calm aura that surrounds me 😌 now that I am working from home. Here is an excellent example of a recent situation and how I handled it. 🤬

I received an email this morning from a company trying to earn my business. Yes, I could have opted out of their communications long ago but chose not to because I thought I might want to avail our company of the product and services they offer at some point.

Here’s what happened when I clicked on the link,” Watch the 1-minute video HERE.” By the way, I did want to see the video but was unable to. 👀   

  • I clicked and found myself on a marketing landing page which asked for my business email.
  • Then, I clicked the link to “GET STARTED.”
  • After that, I found myself on another page asking for ALL my business contact information.
  • At this point, I was annoyed and clicked on “Live Help” and told them I just wanted to see the video and not subscribe to anything. The individual handling the helpline said okay and disconnected!
  • I then received an email with more information from them, even though I did not complete the process. I responded by explaining that I already have a sales consultant with whom I correspond.
  • As a marketer who is very familiar with lead generation funnels and understands the lead capture process, I can say they successfully attract new business. Regardless, I found it annoying. I rarely click on a marketing email from an unknown individual or business because I do not want to be put into an automated system to contact me or subject my Apple devices to viruses and hackers. However, when I want to learn more about a product or service, I click and watch the video or webinar and know I will receive an automated email.

Many companies, including ours, find this a highly successful way to generate new clients while offering valuable tips and other information that potential clients would find helpful.

Some weeks ago, I included a video, that my husband, Jeffrey Schneider, EA, CTRS, ACT-E, created in one of the weekly emails, which gives you instant access after asking for your name. I want you to click on it and add you to my funnel. It is valuable information about what you should and should not do when receiving a tax collection notice from the I.R.S. I fully expected many of you not to watch the video because you do not have a tax problem. However, I hope you shared the link with someone you know who would find this information valuable.

In the video, Jeffrey shares some great information.

      • The worst thing you can do if you receive a letter from the I.R.S.(Almost everyone makes this mistake, and it costs them dearly.)
      • The dirty little secret the I.R.S. does not want you to know. (Hint: They use this tactic to get you to drain your bank account.)
      • The single biggest misconception people have about settling their tax problems. (The truth might happily surprise you.)
      • Plus, much more!         

Perhaps I have piqued your interest and motivated you to watch the short video.

Ali “pissed off, but laughing” Schneider
Director of Business Development

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