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Congress Taking Initiative Towards Delayed Medical Cannabis Research

In current times, we’ve seen a growth in cannabis users and cannabis growers. Furthermore, with the plethora of product and abundance of the culture surrounding it, our future educators need to better understand the anatomy of the plant. It’s time our country expands on cannabis research. While there are so many different strains, they each generate different effects.

The Backstory

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration made the first big move a month ago to approve the importation of cannabis oil from a licensed Canadian business, Tilray, for a study on essential tremor. This is incredible news indeed, and it highlights the patience that researchers in the U.S. have to go through the regulatory hurdles to obtain product currently available in their country.

However, we’ve had trouble getting government approval for those that previously applied ever since the Trump administration came into power. They’ve stalled the process for cannabis research and it’s unclear whether or not the applications have even been reviewed.

The Movement

On October 1st, Fifteen U.S. House lawmakers sent a letter intending to pressure the heads of the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration. They urged the agencies to expand the number of federally approved marijuana cultivators allowed to grow cannabis for research purposes.oliver twist, please may i have some more

The letter shows that congressional members view this as a major government failure. They’ve stalled the continuation of a 2016 Obama-era initiative to expand the number of growers with federal permission to grow cannabis for research.

More than 20 U.S.-based growers sent in applications to grow cannabis for medical research. However, neither the DEA nor the Department of Justice have reviewed the applications.

The letter’s signatories also formally requested the DEA and DOJ to tell them if they’ve reviewed any of the applications. They requested to know when to expect to approve growers for federally sanctioned production.

The letter noted the House Judiciary Committee recently passed the Medical Cannabis Research Act, a bill that requires there be at least three federally approved growers of cannabis for research. They even went as far as to suggest that Congress will take this matter upon themselves if necessary, but would much rather be at peace with the Administration by having them approve some of the pending applications.

Congress Taking Initiative Towards Delayed Medical Cannabis Research, college, university, student, walking, leaves.jpgThere should be 3 manufacturers, but we only have one

As of now, the University of Mississippi is the only legal cannabis manufacturer in the United States used for research. They have federal permission to grow marijuana, but the school offers its cannabis only in flower form. However, the product grown at the University of Mississippi is low in quality. It’s also currently incredibly difficult to obtain. Many researchers prefer to work with oil over the flower; our only domestic manufacturer does not offer capsules of cannabis compounds.

We have not heard a response from the Drug Enforcement Administration nor the Department of Justice. Therefore, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Increasing the research supply will allow our progressing country the ability to utilize cannabis correctly and effectively.

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