Aylin and Her Trained Humans

7/18 weekly newsletter – Aylin and her trained humans🐶


Recent studies show that the average consumer needs to view an ad at least 7-8 times before it sinks in.

I believe that to be true. Not sure about doggy-daddy, though.Aylin and her trained human - image of Aylin

Jeff and I do not watch tv for hours at a time, nor do we pay much attention to the commercials. However, we repeatedly see the commercial, https://www.ispot.tv/ad/owXu/freshpet-awakening-little-fella, that shows how many dog food brands use powdered meat, spray-on flavor, and loads of preservatives. We didn’t pay much attention the first few times we watched it. After that, however, the images of the shocked dogs wormed their way into my heart, especially since Aylin was sleeping alongside us. For several weeks the commercials illustrations resonated with me, giving way to niggling ideas that perhaps our fur baby was not getting the proper nutrients.

Aylin has allergies and is treated bi-monthly with an allergy shot. We believe it may be environmental, but for months, we tried different foods and finally settled on a limited ingredient, salmon and sweet potato variety. To begin with, Aylin is a very fussy eater, and my brain knows that she will eat when she is hungry. Let me say this, I am a Jewish mother, and it disturbed me greatly when my kids didn’t eat, so why would I be different with Aylin even though she is a dog?

She was good about eating the dog food initially, then stopped. I let it go for a few days before trying warm water to make gravy. That didn’t work. Too mushy. Then I added some homemade chicken broth which she lapped up but left the kibble. I tried adding canned food to the dry food, but that was also a no-go. Okay, so it was the kibble she didn’t like. We then added shredded cheese, which she loves. However, she picked out the cheese 🧀  and left the kibble. So, it was bacon that got her to eat. But, you had to heat the bacon, chop it, then rub it all over the kibble. Okay, I said she was picky.

Aylin and Her Trained Humans

Coincidently, the commercial was on, and I turned to Jeff and said, “I’m going to make her food.” Jeff looked at me like he was waiting for them to come to get me with the butterfly nets, but, as the great husband he is, he said, “If that’s what you want to do, honey.”

I determined Fresh Pet or the like was too costly, but she deserved fresh human food. So, the next day I dumped chopped meat, brown rice, carrots, string beans, and kale into the slow cooker, and Aylin devoured her dinner and all her meals after that.

Ah, the power of commercials!

Commercials, regardless of whether they are tv, radio, or print, messages are powerful.📺📻🗞

Take, for instance, tax resolution. Several years ago, taxpayers were inundated by tv and radio advertising claiming they could settle their IRS debts for pennies on the dollar. These ads led you to believe that the IRS would let anyone off their tax debts for less than what was due. Which generally wasn’t the case!

Unfortunately, many taxpayers fell for this deceptive advertising only to be out of significant sums of money they paid with no successful resolution to their tax problems. As a result, advertisers can no longer say pennies on the dollar and mislead the public.

Today, many ethical and legal options are available to taxpayers with tax liability. The Tax Relief Company, headed by Jeffrey Schneider, EA, CTRS, can get you the best settlement available that you can live with. Jeff knows the tax laws and the IRS manual inside out, and his superpower is negotiating with the IRS.

Contact our firm today if you have tax trouble or owe more than $10k to the IRS or state but can’t pay in full. We help people find tax relief. Contact us today for help, https://thetaxreliefco.com/contact/.

Ali “trained by the dog” Schneider
Director of Business Development

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Question of the Week  – What will the IRS do about unpaid taxes?

Any time you don’t pay the tax balance shown on your federal income tax return in full by the due date, you create a tax liability.

The IRS can charge penalties and interest on that debt, adding up quickly until you pay off the tax debt. The IRS will send you notices requesting payment.🧾

They also may garnish your wages and levy assets such as bank accounts, Social Security benefits, and retirement income. In addition, the IRS will apply future federal tax refunds that you are due to offset the amount you owe. 

Any state income tax refunds you are owed may also be applied to your tax liability😰. “After all, the Internal Revenue Service has the power of the federal government in its corner, something no other debt collector can claim.”

For answers to other questions, visit the FAQs on our website, https://thetaxreliefco.com/faqs/.

Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend. ~ Corey Ford

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