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"I have used [The Tax Relief Company] for many years now, and have found them to be reliable and always responsive to any questions I have had. They are always top-notch, friendly as well as professional and I would recommend them to any individual or business.”

Jordan Zandstein

Doug Robertson

“Make your wife happy when it comes to taxes?”

Kevin Lindstadt

“Dealing with the IRS on Your Own Can Be a Nightmare”


“Can tax solutions feel like a life saver?”

Bruce Wheatly


“Takes the worry out of the technical stuff. I have enough things to do with my business. I have no time or desire to ‘catch up’ on the current tax laws and any additions or changes. When comparing the tax programs and accounting programs and looking at the costs, monthly or yearly fees and the time spent in uploading the information needed, it really is easier to just have SFS do it right the first time and every time since 1998!”

Steve Klitzner, Attorney


“I have worked with Jeff Schneider on several cases helping clients solve their IRS problems. We have also shared the stage at industry educational events. I have always found his presentations and content both enlightening and informative. He is an authority on tax controversy and resolution. I highly recommend him for all IRS issues.”

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