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How to Select a Reputable Tax Resolution Company

How to Select a Reputable Tax Resolution Company to Permanently Resolve Your Tax Problems

Owing back taxes is difficult and stressful. The IRS and/or State taxing authorities have the power to garnish your paycheck and freeze your bank account in order to collect what they think is their money. The IRS is the most brutal collection agency on the planet. Calling the IRS is time consuming and annoying as hold times can be longer than 30 minutes and the information you receive from them may not be correct.

The good news is that there are legal tax solutions to ensure that you pay the minimum amount allowed by law based on your current financial situation.

How to Select a Tax Resolution Company – It is important to work with a skilled tax resolution professional because they know how to present your case, in your best interest, before the IRS. Financial information has to be presented accurately the first time around. Mistakes are very costly and, in some cases, doing the wrong things can be impossible to solve; doing things right the first time is essential. You don’t get a second chance with the IRS.

1. How many years has the professional been in business?

You want to make sure that the professional you select has the skills, knowledge and experience to get you the results that you want.

2. What is the professional’s ‘Track Record’?

You only want to hire a Tax Resolution Professional with a successful track record.  Ask for specific information about the professional’s success rate.

3. What are the professional’s qualifications?

You should look for tax resolution companies that employ people who are licensed or certified as tax attorneys or tax resolution specialists.  CPAs often do not handle IRS tax problems.

4. Does the professional have actual experience handling your type of case?

While many attorneys and accountants have tax preparation experience, they do not possess the education, training and skills to negotiate with the IRS on a daily basis. Make sure that the professional you hire has actual, hands-on experience in solving your specific type of problem.

5. How will the professional keep your information about your case?

You want to be comfortable with the frequency of communications you will receive from the professional handling your case.  We generally communicate with our clients every 28 days and provide case status updates. You also want to make sure that you will receive all copies of all communication between the professional and the IRS.

6. Is the pricing clear and easy to understand?

An experienced and highly recommended tax resolution firm will be clear and forthright with its pricing and fee structure and tell you upfront exactly how much you can expect to pay to achieve resolution.

7. What do clients say about his/her services?

Please read what our clients are saying about us as well as some of our recent settlements.